The department consists of:

  • sector of development and maintenance of technical equipment for special investigation activities;
  • sector of research of information security problems;
  • sector of development of software and hardware.

The department performs works in the following directions:

  • development of technical regulation, guidelines and regulatory and administrative documents to ensure information security of objects of information computer (ICS);
  • solution of problems of mathematical and experimental modeling of the processes of remote attacks on ICS;
  • conducting research directed to the development of best practices for creating new security mathods and technologies of information security of ICS, study of security and intrusion detection to the ICS;
  • performance of developments on creation of hardware and software products and software for the organization of special investigation activities, its serial production, maintenance (repair, warranty service) and sales;
  • performance of work on creation of scientific and technical products for cryptographic transformation and its integration into existing or newly created ICS, its serial production, sales and maintenance (repair, warranty service);
  • development, manufacture, sale, installation, commissioning, maintenance of technical facilities of information processing in secure execution, technical, sofware, hardware, hardware and information protection and control of its security, cryptographic protection of information;
  • design, creation of systems of information protection in information systems;
  • certification of information systems.